Increase Operational Savings, Increase Efficiencies and Lower Risk

Effective SAP data archiving will control your data growth and support audit compliance.   


  • Control data growth through effective management

  • Boost business agility through improved IT performance

  • Improve efficiency and raise user productivity

  • Lower production data volumes – streamlining your systems

  • Prepare data in readiness for migrations to S/4HANA and Cloud services

  • Reduce time required for upgrades and backups

  • Mitigate risk and comply with data regulations

  • Reduce SAP total cost of ownership (TCO)

Archived data remains accessible, should you require it for reporting, auditing or other business purposes.


Management of SAP Data doesn’t end once an archiving project has been completed. In order to control growth, data needs to be archived regularly, which can be a drain on resources.  As part of our service portfolio, we offer SAP Data Archiving as a Service, where we will manage the ongoing data growth control of your SAP systems.

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